We offer the following types of interpretation services:


Simultaneous interpretation

High quality simultaneous interpretation services require a team of two interpreters and professional conference equipment. Simultaneous interpreting is usually required at conferences and seminars with international participation where the speaker's words have to be accurately delivered to all participants in real time. In this case all participants are equipped with receivers with headphones by which they can hear the interpretation of the speaker's speech. Thus a simultaneous, non-interrupted interpretation is provided for the whole duration of the event. For your event we can provide both the interpreters team and the required technical equipment: interpreting booths with interpreting desks with microphones and headphones with digital IR system for simultaneous interpretation BOSCH (control unit, transmitter and IR radiator).

Contact us and specify the details of your event, and we will send you a price offer for the interpretaion services and the required conference equipment.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpreting, also known as 'listen before talk' interpreting is when a speaker pauses to allow an interpreter to repeat what has been said in the target language before continuing. No special technical equipment is required for this.

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